Accurate race results? On the RoadMap?

Are there any plans to allow organisers to get the actual accurate race results any time soon at all?
I know Racing is small proportion of users or whatever excuse is used to leave it floundering, but accurate race results should probably be a foundation bit of work? Its kind of a given for most platforms.

We raced last night, and there are 3 different versions of race results for a single race. 2 published, and one out in the ether that no one ever gets access to, and remarkably it’s this 3rd option that is accurate one.

Race details here: ZwiftPower - Login

Result set 1:

Zwift Companion App &

This result contains all the riders, but not in the accurate placement as this is points race and no points have been applied.

If things like Zwift Race Score is to use these Results, then it will never be accurate from the offset until it reflects points races.

Result set 2:

Zwiftpower (and its derivatives like Zwift Racing App etc)

This has missing users but has those who are registered appear in positions based on points scored.

For example, last nights race:

A Category had 3 in the Companion App results, 1 in Zwiftpower.
B Category had 26 in the Companion App results, 20 in Zwiftpower.
C Category had 30 in the Companion App results, 12 in Zwiftpower.
D Category had 16 in the Companion App results, 3 in Zwiftpower.

That’s 48% of riders making it through to the results in Zwiftpower. or 52% not in the results!

Result 3:

This is the utopia, the one that should be a given, all of the racers, with all of the points applied in the right order. This doesn’t exist at present (Just think that through, the actual accurate result of a race is not available.)

Is this on the RoadMap at all? Anyone had a conversation in HQ about providing accurate results or is that just left to other platforms to focus on.

When you type it out and think about it, how can a platform not provide accurate race results is kind of ridiculous.


Race results for races!

What will they think of next?
I would like to add additional colors to my avatar’s hair.

Nathan was expressing his desire to have actual real data in real time during a race too

Guys it’s 2024 not 2035, don’t get ahead of yourselves.