Accumulated time should exclude event time behind start

I’m 78 years old so I would like people to see that I’ve biked 60 miles over the last 7 days at over 20 mph. Strava reports less than 3 hours, but my Zwift 7-day total shows 3 hours and 40 minutes.

Turns out Zwift has the distance correct, but includes time behind the start line in their accumulative times.

In response to my inquiry, Zwift wrote:

|Hi Robert,
| Thanks for reaching out to us!
I |'m sorry for the misunderstanding but I’m happy to help provide some more info!
| The 7-Day Total starts when your avatar moves regardless of whether it’s a warm up or a ride. Every |mile is recorded on your profile, we just assume that when you join an event you want your activity |feed to reflect the event which is why warmup miles are trimmed from there.

Does anyone else agree with me that accumulated times should NOT include time spinning or resting behind an event’s starting line?

Robert Woodward

Agreed. I’ve complained before. As usual Zwift does not listen to their users.
How silly is it to add up time spent not moving behind the start line?
Imagine marathon runners getting their time stated when their enter the start zone, or TdF starting the clock when riders leave their hotel… Silly!
My solution is to join at the last moment, or just a bit too late.
Don’t be put off and keep up the good work.