Account handling

It’s always a treat to experience an online service that simply can not deal with logging in from different devices. I mean, Zwift does… What they do is lock the account… even though you use the provided exit functionality. So there should be something lodged to differentiate between sessions and / or devices. That lock runs for like an hour, which you won’t be told - you just get treated to a generic “problem with the account” when you attempt to login. Nothing about how long the lock will be - that would be… helpful.

I mean, basic online account handling. The sort of thing developers had to solve over 20 years ago. Reinvent that wheel, Zwift!

Which devices are you running Zwift on?

I use Apple TV, iPhone 11 and a windows laptop to run Zwift on and have never encountered the problems you mention. I rarely log out or force close the game so it sounds like something is going wrong somewhere for you.

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I’ve got an iMac 5K, iPad Pro and a Mac mini. All with Zwift installed, and I’ve never run into this issue as well.

As a test, I started Zwift on all 3 devices at the same time just now, with the same account, and none of them had any issues logging in. So, it seems like your message “problem with your account” may not be so generic after all.