Accidentally entered incorrect category - how to change it on ZP?

I have entered a team event, but have inadvertently entered into the wrong Zwift race category. I have removed myself from the race, and reentered using the correct category, but ZP is still showing me entered under the old/incorrect category on the event’s page. I’ve refreshed my ZP profile and given it time to see if refreshes, but it’s still showing me as entered into the incorrect category on the event page in ZP.

Any ideas if I can do anything about this, and if it will cause problems in the results? I’m entered into the correct category on Zwift itself.

You should be fine - ZP only updates the entry list every 5 or so minutes (I dont actually know but its not quick and could be longer).

ZP will eventually catch up with what you are doing and you shouldnt get any DQ.