Accidentally changed ftp [SOLVED]

Hey all

I accidentally changed my ftp with the slider in the workout menu, because my laptop mouse is jumpy and clicked the line at 85. I have no recollection what my old ftp actually was, I had never taken a test so it was all based on my ride history. I bumped it back up to like 150 or something but is there a way to check what it was before my mouse hit that slider line?


I don’t think there’s a way to do that in game, but there are a few options for arriving at a reasonable number:

  1. Try using your zFTP number from This is not really your FTP but it may be pretty close. It’s not affected by anything you do to adjust your FTP on your profile.
  2. Use an estimate from Upload the FIT files for your hardest efforts and it’ll do a reasonable job at estimating FTP. If you have ride data in Strava it can pull that in automatically.
  3. Do another FTP test.
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Hi @Jennifer_Anderson1, thank you for reaching out on forums.

I’ve reached out to you directly via email with the FTP details.