Accidental deletion of workout

(Alison Thielmann) #1

I’m new to Zwift. I was playing around with some of the features. I deleted those rides, did an actual workout and accidently deleted that ride too. I wish there was a “soft stop” warning… “Are you sure you want to delete?” button before the record completely disappears. There is no way to undo the deletion either…

Totally my fault, but it was a good workout!

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Alison, we’ll be adding an “Are you sure” confirmation very soon, but in the meantime your workout data is still on your computer.  If on a PC or Mac you can find it in Documents/Zwift/Activities. You’ll see all your activities in there.

On iPad or iPhone you can tap the Zwift title screen logo several times and a menu will appear where you can mail yourself .fit files, which can be uploaded to Strava, Garmin, etc.

(Alison Thielmann) #3

Thanks. I’ll try that. I was using an iPad. I can find all the workouts that I have saved without difficulty, but this one was not on the list…

(Alison Thielmann) #4

Thanks for your help, Jon! I found my workout in the log files, where you suggested! Successfully loaded to my training app! 

(Melinda Simar) #5


Does this still apply? I accidentally deleted the first Zwift Academy workout from yesterday. I will have to check my computer for the file…

There wasn’t a “are you sure” confirmation.

Thank you!