Accessing workouts from Zwift account.

I would like to be able to access the workouts without having to pair my trainer/devices, possibly from my account? I intend to make a lot of custom workouts and I’d like to be able to do this on a PC remote from my trainer and not in my cold garage. 

Just log into ZWIFT and select WATCH ONLY.  Then press E to enter the workouts screen.


Genius. Thanks Chad. Is there a list of key commands?

Here is a link to the unofficial manual:


Thanks Paul

It’s worth noting that by logging into and editing workouts using the E keyboard shortcut on a PC, other than the one used with the trainer, is a bit problematic. The custom workouts produced are stored on the PC they’re made on and won’t show on the PC you use for the trainer unless of course it’s the same machine. However the files are stored in Documents/Swift/Workouts with .zwo file extensions. All you have to do is copy these across to the same folder on the PC you use with your trainer. It worked for me anyway.