Academy workout 'Threshold Pushing' on iOS requires 3x15min blocks

Supposed to be a 2 x 15 min workout. Shows as 2 x 15min on Windows. 


Anyone ekse havung this this issue can still do the workout, skip the last block using the Zwift phone app and still get it to count for th Academy though. 

The WO worked properly for me on a PC (2x15).  I don’t understand the cool down at the end of the WO.  Why you have the last 10 minute rest interval followed by a 6:30 cool down.  Seems like a waste of time having 16:30 cool down at the end of the WO.  I was cooled done after 5 of the 10 minute rest interval but had to sit there for another 10 minutes to get a finish credit.

I completed this workout on mac this morning and there were 2x15mins blocks followed by 6min cool down

Same issue.  Switched to Mac OS to complete instead of the longer iOS version.