Academy Training Workouts

I would love to see a training program to get ready for the next academy.
The Academy itself, since 2018, has been primarily focused on test results.
The 2016 and 2017 were actual training programs. (I am starting them this week)
Should riders just focus on max efforts in 1, 5, 12, and 20 minutes?
Or will specific workouts improve one’s ability to do max efforts
I prefer to do segments, like Volcano and Epic kom, rather than 8 and 20 minute training blocks.
Are segment workouts still forthcoming? They were promised last year.

Assuming you have enough base miles in your legs, consider doing a longer program than Zwift Academy, such as Build Me Up. There’s plenty of time before the next Zwift Academy. For the 20 minute efforts you could just do an occasional FTP test.

I don’t think Zwift have given revised guidance about the route based workouts. It just hasn’t happened in the time frame they were talking about and they deleted mention of it from their communications.

Thanks. I’ll look into Build Me Up.
The 2016 Academy is 35 workouts and over 48 hours of training. I think Zwift switched in 2018 to a different group to design the workouts. I’ll probably do some testing after a month or two to see how I am doing. Three sisters has the right combinations for segments, the short climb, the middle volcano, and the long epic climb.
The problem with route-based workouts is it only works for comparisons if everyone uses a time trial bike.

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