Absa Cape Epic Sandbaggers

Here we go:

These shots were taken 45 minutes before the gun. I would imagine there were substantially more than those listed here. And I can assure you, the A’s and B’s in this event had a material effect on the way the race unfolded. At least 20 of them were out of the pens at a 4.0 plus pace and another 20 right behind them. I managed to hang with the first group for 500 meters and the second until we hit the first little climb to the bridge. Then it was back to my peeps in 50th to 70th.

If entry was limited to riders within their category this kind of foolishness wouldn’t happen. I believe most of these riders are unaware of how this behavior fouls up other’s experience in a Zwift Race. They certainly don’t come on this forum like the rest of us responsible Zwifters!

And when is ZwiftHQ going to fix the forum link on the website? There’s still no button for it and I don’t know how anybody else is getting on here other than keeping the forum open in their browser…


This will not stop until they change the rules and clearly state them prior and enforce them, with possibly a flag warning to the riders before the start.
It would be up to the zwift and the event organizer/sponsor to implement this when they announce the event. Wrong category or out of category people are either bumped out or relegated to a group ride prior to starting if possible.
One issue is the rides are not presented as a race but then listed as a race and ridden like a race. Usually they are “tours” or “theme rides” and then people (myself included) expect category enforcement and overall standings to be available and they seldom are for multi ride events.

Disclaimer- I ended up riding in the C group last Sunday but rode to 300th place. I was all gussied up and on the trainer and had a internet glitch and missed my start in the B and just rode the C slow and went outside later.
I got the UPG no count result which was fine with me. I am normally a mid-pack B or masters C and will never reach top 10 B. If I had any hope they would have GC after the Haute route issues I would have ended the ride and done the B later. I was 30 seconds or so from finishing stage 2 of the Haute route and everyone ahead disappeared so no count in results etc…and it was a brutal ride. Just can’t count on Bluetooth reliability or zwift glitches any more this year after having great results last year.

Hopefully they will improve this event/theme rides as they are a great training tool!

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Congratulations on moving up to Cat B, at least you only have to deal with those Cat A that ride with the Bs🤪

Surely one way to encourage the correct behaviour is to remove any in game rewards for those riders entering the incorrect Cat; Not being entered into any prize draw, No game unlocks (Jersey’s/Bikes etc), No route achievement badges and the such like.


Please redact names before posting these pictures. (I will get off my soap box now)

Finish Stage 3 or 4 to unlock the Scott Spark Cape Epic custom paint job

Does anyone know where this shows up and how i can use it??

cant find paint job

You will find 2 colour options next to the bike. The one circled in red is the unlock:

This only work on the Scott bike??

Thanks for putting these numbers together for a more visual presentation of the problem. I just wanted to add to this, something I’ve learned recently from these Cape Epic events and is very frustrating.

Women’s categories are not enforced in Women’s races. For example, a female rider categorized by Zwiftpower as Women cat A/Open cat B can ride a women’s only race in cat B without repercussion; no DQ tag and no category bump even though she has averaged well over the women’s B cat limit of 3.7w/kg (I rode a Cape Epic women’s race yesterday where the top B cat lady averaged 4.1w/kg - low and behold her ZP profile has a purple A designation).
This lack of enforcement in the women’s races can also be seen by clicking the “riders in the wrong category” tab prior to the event - this only shows women registered in a category lower than their OPEN category; it doesn’t show anyone who is registered in a category below their Women’s category. (Taking this fact into account would mean that it’s a bit higher than the 12% Andy pointed out.)

To further illustrate this issue, the current overall standings for the Cape Epic women’s series for category B shows 4 of the top 10 are actually women’s cat A riders.

So if there’s no enforcement of women’s categories in women’s races, then why even bother having a distinction?


I assume the woman also have a raw power limit like the men.

The 4.1 lady didn’t exceed 200w

As I understand it, the raw power thresholds apply to categorizing female riders in open/ mixed events and that there aren’t any raw power thresholds for the women categories (there aren’t any listed in that chart on the women’s side).
The example lady rider has a ZP women’s cat A designation (which didn’t just happen from this Cape Epic race) despite not crossing over the 200W threshold in the past 90 days (hence the open cat C)

A clearer example can be seen in the Cape Epic women’s stage 2 race I did. The top 10 B cat ladies all went over 200W. The 1st, 3rd, and 4th place ladies are all ZP cat A designated (again, didn’t get that bump from this race). And the 1st and 4th place riders both have 95% of 20min power exceeding the cat limit + 0.1 threshold (an allowance only if you’re registered in your ZP category to begin with)… yet all of these riders still have no DQ tags


Interestingly as far as I can see no rider was removed from the results for UPG or WKG from any Stage 2 events. I don’t think this is just a coincidence and more likely to do with how Zwiftpower works. Just guessing here this might have something to do with the short duration of the event.

That’s a very interesting find. Could be the short duration or maybe that stage 2 was a TT instead of a scratch race like the others. Zwiftpower works in mysterious ways, that’s for sure!

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They were moved after the event ended. Loads entered in lower/incorrect cats as usual, someone just tweaked the results.