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I am new to this forum so please excuse any ignorance I have about computers. I have a Kickr Core and up until yesterday no problems. I use my smart phone, iOS and the POWER and Controller indicate that I am connected but it also indicated NO SIGNAL. Therefore I am left on the side of the road not going anywhere. The other sensors, cadence and HR are connected. My account with Zwift is active, so no problems in that area. I am at a lost as to what to do? Will I actually have to go outside into the elements and ride a bike?

I am having the same issues of connectivity. My partner has a separate account as we thought this might be one of the problems. He has no problem with connectivity -we have the exact same phones, using the exact same internet connection, the exact same trainer. I end up having to use his phone and my account. We’ve explored all of the settings on my phone, but they are the same. I have a Wahoo app and a Zwift app. I only use the Zwift app but neither show connectivity. What’s up?!