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Hello Zwift,

I love to use Zwift in the Fall and winter, but like many of us, I am guilty of cancelling during the spring / summer.
I think it would be a good idea to make the subscription cheaper when it gets warmer based on where someone lives. I would like to keep using Zwift every once in a while in spring and summer, if the price is right. Sometimes having that short easy to jump on focused work out can be nice even if it is warm out, but with a decrease in usage it doesn’t outweigh the cost of membership during the warm days. Maybe you can give it a test in 2023? Compare 50% of countries where you offer the spring / summer discount and 50% that you don’t, you will see the difference in revenue and I can almost guarantee the discounted ones will make you more money. If you want to thank me after just bump my guy up in game to level 60 no problem.


One Click exiting, configerable to save or not etc.

Hi I’d like a feature where we have a folder to save ( place and drag) our favorite workouts so we don’t have to,search eac time - it is a drag to,have to do this for,each workout using an Apple,remote and box

Please don’t force a picture upload. Just because i have pictures taken doesn’t mean I’ll like one and want to share it. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Just let us unselect all of the available pictures. Thanks!

Recently the settings on Zwift seem to be ignored – it is now taking pictures as if it were set to “Always” even though it is on “Only My Shots” and then this is forcing a picture upload whether I want to or not.


Has there been any further consideration regarding adding a velodrome to the platform?
Understandably not as glamorous visually, but the level of competition is just as fierce as other disciplines.

Thank you.

I’d like to be able to activate Sterzo steering on club rides.

Make a fence at the back of group rides to pull the slow riders along.

Workout Ghost Rider : love workouts but end up passing riders on efforts and being passed on recoveries. Having a Ghost Rider that is putting out the WKg in front of you to hold the wheel/stick with would give significant encouragement.

Pace Partner that does constant power irrespective of gradient. I like a good threshold workout, but find that pace partners go up and down too much. A’s flat pace is perfect but hills are way too hard. B’s flat pace is comfortable and hills harder. But not a constant. Appreciate the attempt is to get it real world like, but having a constant bot on the list would be great.

Make a personal pace partner buddy that you can customize a constant watts/kg, height and weight. Make a toggle to turn the draft on or off

Two things I would like: Custom Worlds and Rowing routes on the water

How about races with multiple sprint / point / time rewards? This would make things even more exciting and certainly not be all about endurance and the last 20 second in every race


Nice feature would be to prefix messages sent by riders in events with their position.
For example, now you see:
dhomborg: pushing to next group
after prefixing:
312: dhomborg : pushing to next group
If there is a prefix riders in the same group would know that the message is coming from someone thy are riding with.