About ready to say F' you Zwift at end of trial

(Ron Kramer AGE:60) #1

I tried it.  It said I had one day left.  It’s mid day here. I already bought a 3mo gift card and emailed it to myself and don’t know how to enter it - do I enter it in promo code?  

anyway - since it says I have a day left. I tried my first race (trial) 15.8 miles or so… today at 3pm EST.  

I work my ass off - and about 4 seconds from the finish. It  pauses - says free trial is over and don’t get left out.   I’m frozen at the finish line! 

I quickly click some buttons and try to pay with paypal to finish the race. I do… 10 bucks more. (I still have 30. gift certificate to use and it seemed to loop in paypal and out and back and out and it appears. I never finished my race with 4 seconds to go.  wtf guys!? 

Can’t finish a day at mid-night?  can’t at least give me a free trial count down?  just a bit FU after a hour of suffering!?!?

I’m on the verge of canceling and give it back. yeah I’m pssed.


(Paul Allen) #2

Enter the code here: https://my.zwift.com/settings/promotions

(Martin Chalifoux (C)) #3

Paul, these are just logistics issues. The goal of a trial is to let you try the product. Wether you stay in Zwift or not should be based on how appreciative you are of the product. For many of us this is a great way to ride through he winter. It is also lots of fun. Allows to workout in a fun way, far better than a trainer by itself. Over time the interface will become familiar and you will enjoy it more and more, that is my guess. 

Happy zwifting.

(Jon Mayfield) #4

Ron, sorry for the bad experience.   The 25km trial is a hard 25km trial so it will cut you off as you experienced.  You should have had a count down on screen down to “less than 1km to go” being displayed.  Did you not have that on screen?  Were you on iOS or pc/mac?

As for the payment issues, I’ve alerted our payments guy to the post so they can make sure they understand what happened in your case.  It sounds pretty frustrating and we certainly don’t want that to be the experience when somebody is trying to pay us!


(Jeff Fourman) #5

First World problems can really ruin your day.

(Ron Kramer AGE:60) #6

Thanks for the reply. Since I had 50 minutes hard work into it I wasn’t happy to say the least.  The free trial said 7 days (didn’t say miles) so when I saw the count down I assumed it was counting down the distance to the end of the trial. (my workout event - trial) not free trial. = (

I pull the window over two monitors. With seam in the middle, and I couldn’t real the count down properly… but later saw screen shots (that show the entire window) and then noticed it said count down for free trial.  = (     My bad - but again, I was never told the trial had a distance limit. Only that it was 7 days. 

I was on PC (my 2 difference sized monitors were the issue of me not seeing ‘free trial distance left’.  (and not knowing I had limited distance). I had already purchased 3 mo gift card but wasn’t going to implement it until I ran out of free trial.  In my haste to keep the trial going to finish my workout I quickly did some paypal 10.00 in hopes I could continue.  My event still ended = (     and now I have 3 mo gift card and 10 bucks in paypal. I’ll only use this until weather breaks and then will join again next fall. 

YES during payment I got stuck in some paypal loop with zwift, no matter what I clicked I was asked to pay again. I finally broke out of it (lost my event) and it did seem to take my 10.00 payment. HOWEVER - it now says I have 27 days of free trial left?  (I paid) Why is it called free trial?  And will it jerk me off line mid day? it should end at midnight on the last day. 

(Ron Kramer AGE:60) #7

lets just say it wasn’t as quoted (free 7 days) and wasn’t a warm fuzzy ending to the free trial. I had planned to renew and it made me mad enough to not want to. I now have a month more than I will need.  Oh well.


(Tim Oertel) #8

I had basically the same feeling at the end of my trial period as well.  I stuck it out anyway, despite the very rough start.  I documented my experience here (https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115000109586-Rough-trial-signup-experience) but at least you got some feedback on it…

I think the downvotes on your post are unfair, as there are some obvious problems with their trial & onboarding process, which give users a bad taste at the very beginning.  No doubt there are others who experience this and walk away.

(Ron Kramer AGE:60) #9

I did join, and have had a couple friends join at my recommendation.  I bought a larger “32” monitor primarily for Zwift display on my bike.  I was frustrated at that hard of a workout to have it “killed”.  7 day free trial should end at the end of the 7th day (midnight) when it’s RARE that someone would be riding, and are aware that the day is ending.  There should be no mileage limit. (I was not informed that there was one). 

NOTHING I can cry over now - so I did join. Hopefully they’ll take my feed back and tweak other people’s  “first impression”. 


(Ron Kramer AGE:60) #10

What I do like.

price is fair - 

I like that I don’ thave to join for a year. (I wouldn’t).

so I have pay only for the winter months that I use it.