Ability to Pair Keyboard With Zwift for iPhone

I use, and love using my iPhone XR to Zwift. I have it connected to a 55” TV via the HDMI adapter. It’s amazing! The only thing I would like to see is the ability to pair an external keyboard and use it in game. Trying to type messages on the screen while riding can be difficult! Having an external hand held keyboard would be amazing. I have bought several Bluetooth keyboards and paired them to my phone no problem. They work in every app other than Zwift. Once I’m in Zwift, they don’t work anymore. I’ve reached out to Apple, they say the issue is with Zwift, and then I reached out to Zwift, who have replied to post this request here. PLEASE!!!

I think the issue is that you are limited by the amount of Bluetooth devices that can connect to your phone. I assume you have a trainer and HR strap connected.

No. iPhone does not have the same bluetooth limitations of the Apple TV.

So, everything I’m reading says the iPhone should support up to 7 items at once (I only have 3 now; kickr, cadence, and HRM). And Zwift replied to my support email saying “they don’t currently support the use of external keyboards with the iPhone app”.

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