Ability to display group ride leader W/Kg

Since group rides are structured around a specific W/Kg and this is such a variable calculation based on the weight of the ride leader, it would be advantageous for the riders in the group to either have the ability to either see the weight of the ride leader to then be able to determine the watts they will need to produce during the ride or have a display in the HUD that calculates thei watts they need to produce to be in sequence with the ride leader. Since I lead a group ride that frequently attracts newer riders or more casual riders it would give them the ability to both know what is expected during the ride as well as help them pace their efforts better.
Furthermore, as a frequent group ride participate it would help me be better able to pace my efforts in the ride. Back before the group ride module we use to notify the group of the ride leaders weight and provide a conversion at a separate page and it was then very easy to coordinate the efforts of the group since we were all using the same metric.
There will still be variability depending on one’s location in the peloton but it should be very close to the leader.
Just a concept to consider.