Ability to block users

In this forum, in the Companion App, and in Zwift itself - just as it’s done in every form of social media. Block trolls, harassment, racists, misogynists, etc. without the need to write to Zwift HQ. If a user wants them blocked, they are blocked without notice and no appeal.

You can block users in the forum under your profile/preferences/users. I agree, should be an option in the game too.


YES! I experience petty acts of casual sexism on this platform fairly regularly. So, if someone says something sexist, I’ll point it out. That’s good enough for me. Life goes on. But sometimes it goes poorly and the sexist joker just gets more aggressive. In those cases, that’s a user I’d report. But I’d feel less intimidated about reporting if I could also block the user. Instead, for my peace of mind, it’s my own profile that I put into privacy lock-down.