A wish for future release of Zwift

This idea has probably been suggested before, but if not, here goes…

Having spent a few years using Zwift through the winter months, I wish that there was an option where I could upload a GPS file of a route I ride in my area, and then ride that in Zwift.

This is what I envision:
Step one - upload GPS file. Zwift would check the file to make sure it provides enough data points to build a route in game.
Step two - the rider would then select the route scenery: city, country, village, forest, jungle, desert, etc.
Step three - Zwift would build a route that you would then ride. At the end of the ride, if you enjoyed the route you could save it to your own account so you could ride it again or use it for group rides in the future.

Been requested before. I guess magic roads on RGT would be your thing?


There are lots of areas that Zwift could improve but those are software issues aimed at creating a better game.
Zwift has been focused on marketing and and subscriber growth.
I know, becoming profitable is important.
As part of the marketing and growth campaign, it must have been determined that hardware issues were a barrier to on boarding new users.
This resulted in Zwift ending support of obsolete operating systems and creating a new hardware system.

Now that this is done ,and we’ll see what ever kind of increase/decrease in membership that ensues, hopefully focus can now be placed on improving the game itself.

I hope we don’t get more roads and worlds to troll around in using the same game with the current limitations.
We don’t need more of the same, it’s time to get better.

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I suspect it’s more about reducing the engineering cost of testing on so many operating systems, and possibly a desire to adopt features or update 3rd party libraries that don’t work on the older ones.

I’m afraid that this would be extremely unlikely as it’s not the direction on route creation we have decided to take.


Yes, I would love this!

Can you tell me what the direction on route creation you have chosen for Zwift is?

That’s fairly evident from our previous releases - a mix of made up worlds (but using themes from real life) with the occasional replica.

We’re never going to be a platform where you can create your own maps based on your outdoor rides, at least definitely not in the next few years!

I used RGT myself a few months last year and did a few magic roads and thought it was not that great as a lot of extra turns got in the route that were not supposed to be there. Therefore it takes a lot of time to make a good magic road for you’re own use.
My prefference (at this moment) is with Zwift with a good choice of ready to use roads. However I would like to see a bit more of routes like we see in Belgium, the Giro, TDF or Vuelta. This would appeal to a lot of riders (in my opinion). They absolutely do not need to be replica’s of the original, but they should give the same feeling.
If that is the route chosen for Zwift I think I will stay with Zwift, but if not I will likely switch and try other platforms.

What about custom routes?

No new roads required but would be great for creating more interesting rides/races

To the best of my knowledge this isn’t presently on our road map but is much more realistic.