A vision of the future?

This is what DALL-E thinks Zwift looks like. :grinning:

Not if you’re an Apple TV user :joy:


Dall-E needs to rethink it’s user interface ergonomic decisions.

True! It’s a big shock going back to Apple TV 4K.

I wish Zwift looked that nice, or at least had the lighting quality and realistic colours like what I see in Flight Simulator 2020.

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I’d rather have more functionality and new roads over more “cutting edge” graphics.
I think the graphics level Zwift use is about right, it allows a broad range of devices to be used, not just high spec gamer rigs, also it doesn’t date as easily and it works in other ways too, the avatar movement and prespective are on point.


I’ll kill for a new look! Any new look! but super doubtful to ever happen…

Heaps of new roads recently, all those climbs, all from a portal in watopia or France.

I’m greedy !