a simple way to extend course length

(Ron Skinner) #1

I have what I think might be an easy way to extend the course length and not mean a lot of new rendering.  If at the lap end you had an over pass you could ride up the over pass then down onto the course going the opposite direction, when you return to the over pass once again you go over and back onto the original course.  This way you have a virtual figure 8 and double the length, as well you get riders going in both directions, the course is 2x as long and way less boring.  Not certain how difficult from a program point of view that is but thought I would just throw it out there.

(L Read) #2

Stretching out the current course would be an option too. 

(Ron Skinner) #3

since they already have the graphics rendered for clock wise and counter clock wise I was thinking this would be an easier option, minimum new visual graphics to code.  Two revs ago we were riding the opposite direction from current.  Just  thought.

(Jon Scordia) #4

I like the idea of being able to change direction via a road flyover or a simple U turn to get the most out of the island!