A New Concept to make "New York" Fav agan

So, my belief is the Zwift community likes NYC more than a few of the louder voices would suggest – but with my idea for a new bifurcated addition to this existing world, NYC could become a favorite (again). The first of the twin expansions would be to use most of the roads you have already sketched out (branching off from the current KOM) to create a new circle of rollers on glass elevated roads that would swing by Times Square (as there are always fun visuals you could have there, including a new Crit course section). The second of the twin expansion would be to build roads that explore a “newly discovered” massive cavern below Central Park (e.g., a ‘Carlsbad Caverns experience’ that would rival the permanight world of Neokyo! This expansion could start from the sketched-out ramps you already have on the Skyway… See the attached rough mockup images. Make it happen!