A Guardian’s Guide to Free Child Accounts on Zwift [November 2021]

Thanks to both of you.

She has tried to log in on her phone and computer but neither are working. Laptop wants her to be over 16 and app on phone doesn’t recognize her with her child account.

Wish there was a human at Zwift who could call us and walk us through the issue but thanks for reaching out and trying to help. The forum has had more help then the generic loop I keep running into in the chats on the Zwift account.

Will keep emailing and hope for the best. Good news is that spring is sort of around the corner and she will be able to hit the streets that way.
Thanks again

Hi @CocoaMills, welcome to the Forums!
I was looking over your case, and it looks like your daughter’s account was created outside of our usual process, so there weren’t any additional steps on how to access the account since we assumed you already had access.
Since we need to discuss sensitive information, I will be reaching out via email to make sure we have your daughter’s account all sorted. Please be sure to check your inbox and follow up there!

Thanks so much. I will look out for that.

We have been able to get access to her account. Thanks for all the help good Zwifters!!!

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Hi. Just had my son who is 10 years signed up. All working good - except I can’t find any race dedicated for kids/juniors. He has tried D races - and is ok on the climbs as his w/kg are ok but on the flat he can’t do the watts. Are there dedicated kids races out there ?

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There are no dedicated races to kids, but I run some unofficial Zwift events for kids. You can find out more here: Tour4kids Winter Edition 4 Details | Pursuit Cycling For Kids.


Wondering what the current wait time is for a child account. Completed the consent form for my 12 year old and will do the same for my younger child soon. I also emailed zwift via the website looking for an update, but have not received a reply. Curious whether the form was received etc.



It should be around 1-2 days after sending in your request.

Thanks Oliver. It’s been quite a few days. I’ll keep waiting and reaching out.

I had a look at your races. May get my kids involved.


I just signed my son up. I think if he uses this once a week I would be happy. My son is a great athlete, and I think getting him into training on a regular basis is very useful, just to see what is out there. Kids have the benefit of formal sports teams, they are very lucky.

Hi! I submitted my child’s information three days ago. when will I get a reply?

You should get one within the next few days. Normally support for child accounts is pretty quick.

Okay, thank you