A Guardian’s Guide to Free Child Accounts on Zwift [EDIT: September 2022]

Do you have a child interested in cycling or running on Zwift? If so, Zwift offers free accounts for children between the ages of 5-15 years old!

In order to set up an account for your child, you must visit www.zwift.com/kids and submit a consent form allowing your child to access the platform. While we do not require your child’s legal name on the form submission, please keep in mind all other information must be valid.

Please remember that the free accounts are intended for use by the child ONLY. Our Accounts team monitor the consent form submissions and child accounts, to ensure adults aren’t taking advantage of the free accounts and/or masquerading as children on the platform. As the free child accounts are a privilege provided by Zwift, the Accounts team reserves the right to deny any requests that seem suspicious or fraudulent, as well as revoke any child accounts being used by adults.

Once we receive the form and it’s approved, one of our agents will create the account for your child and respond with instructions on how to access the new account. Please be sure to update your child’s height and weight when first accessing the account via the account profile web page, to ensure they have the best riding experience.

  • If your child is a new Zwifter, the kids account benefits will start once their trial is up. Benefits need to be renewed annually.

  • If your child already has a preexisting account with Zwift, we will still need a consent form submitted initially to allow the child to ride/run on Zwift.

Please refrain from posting any details pertaining to your child’s account in the thread below. This process is handled offline to guard your family’s privacy.

Best Practices

As your child engages with our community, we encourage you to monitor their activity within Zwift and promote best Internet practices.

If you don’t already have a Zwift account for yourself as a parent/guardian - create one. You won’t need to set up a paid membership as the purpose of this account is to monitor your child’s activity in Zwift.

Note: With the exception of receiving messages from group ride leaders, our in-game chat feature is disabled for accounts associated with users under 13 years of age.

I signed up a kids account 7 days ago. Is there a estametated waiting time for the account being validated? what can we do in the meantime?

Hi @kevin_Fossaert_OHANA, welcome to Zwift Forums!
I cannot divulge too much info on this platform as it’s public, but looking into your account I can see a Support agent had followed up on 11 December and needed some additional information.
Please respond directly to that message. Since the account was created outside of our usual process, there’s a few extra steps to take, but we should get your child’s account all sorted once we hear back :slight_smile:

@Joules, looking at setting up an account.and have a question on in game chat. I notice in game chat to adults is disabled, does that include the guardian account? Thinking of best physical setups (same room, side by side, or if I can do rooms next to each other due to space etc). Many thanks in advance.

Hi, i have only just noticed my sons account has ran out today. And he is wanting to go onto zwift on Wednesday. I’ve emailed asking them to renew but not sure how long this takes ? Or is there a renew section we’re I can make this process quicker ? I didn’t receive an email to make me aware of this either.
Please can anyone help?

Thanks, very panicky mum :see_no_evil:

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Hi Heather! Looks like your Support ticket was handled already, but please be sure to respond to that same ticket if you have any further questions or issues with your child’s account :slight_smile:

@Ian_J_Wilson_DIRT That’s a great question! Unfortunately, chat restrictions on child accounts affect chat from any adult account, even the guardian. Apologies for the limitation. As we continue to make improvements to child accounts on Zwift, this is definitely something to take into consideration though!

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hi, it says my account has run out even tho I am still under the age of 16

thnx Samuel

You have to renew the account yearly. Have your parent/guardian fill out the consent form linked above.


Is that link to renew or for a new account? Or both? The language makes it sound like it is only for new account creation. Thanks.

Yeah, it’s a bit confusing. You just fill out the same form each year to renew, then you will get an email from Zwift that the account has been renewed. So yes, it is the same link: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

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Great, thanks for the quick response. Appreciate that!

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Well this is a new one. My son’s COPPA renewal got rejected because apparently our address ‘looks like a business address’!!!

Have replied that it definitely is not. I think they are struggling with the fact that we don’t have a number (as we live in a rural area with no house numbers, just house names).

Also, and this is a personal gripe, postal counties in the UK were abolished 26 years ago - why are Zwift forcing me to specify one??

Bonjour. Ce serait sympa de mettre les conseils du coach pendant les entrainements en français. ils sont en anglais et en plein effort j’éprouve des difficultés à traduire. Merci
Qu’en pensez-vous ?

My 15 year old daughter set up an adult account by accident and then the free membership ran out and we have filled out the consent form and received an email stating that my child is set up for a free year of Zwift. Unfortunately, the email doesn’t actually tell me what the next steps are other than that it says the promo code will be automatically applied.

Where do I go to login? The regular location asks if you are 16 years old to login and if you aren’t, you can’t login?

I’ve sent emails and used the chat but none of this provides me with answers as to what the next step is or where to go.

Can you help please? It’s been three weeks and 5 emails to Zwift support and I’m not sure im any closer to an answer. :slight_smile:

I can’t remember exactly, but I’ve got my daughter setup. I just launch the Zwift app and she signs in with her email/password, I don’t recall any warning about being over 16 on the app. I don’t think she has ever signed in on the website.

Oh thanks for the response. So does she use her own phone and app and do the ride’s with her phone on the bike?

Yes. You can have multiple accounts on one device though.

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I have set up a pc that we all use for Zwift. If you use a phone or tablet and she has her own then it’s probably easier if she uses her own. I’ve found Zwift isn’t great for multiple users on a single device personally. I used Apple TV before the pc and it would remember 2 users details, but if you add a third then it just forgets about one of the other 2 so you end up constantly having to enter passwords on an Apple TV which is a pain. Even on pc by default it only remembers a single user so you have to keep logging in with password when switching user.