A few suggestions

(Per Hakansson PEAK TRI) #1


Loving my Zwift experience! A few ideas:

  1. LOGOUT: Don’t force me to log out every time I want to choose another exercise, etc. In other words: give me a “End ride” option without the “shut down program”

  2. WORKOUT: It would be great to be able to set up my personal workouts, e.g., 4x4 VO2Max, etc.

  3. PR: when a person has reached his/her free-ride limit but is in a ride, it would be nice if the text was not just “Free trial ended” but something like: “Your free trial has now ended but take it easy: finish your ride and we’ll show you your options when you’re done”

PR: I’ve been a beta-tester for ever and I do not feel recognized at all now when I have switched over to paying mode: no rebate, no bling, no “Original Pack”, nothing. At least give me a disk wheel as a token of recognition.

Apart from these minute suggestions, I totally love your app and I will remain a customer even if you take away my hard-earned Triathlon bike!