A few comments from Eric Min on the Thanksgiving ride

I only grabbed a few screenshots.

Zwift shares anyone?


He also mentioned that rowing will not be developed until they can deliver a better experience of their core product, cycling.

Eric said he would like to see more roads built in France and Watopia, and definitely dirt tracks! He would rather do that than make new worlds/maps.

At least one subscriber is from North Korea… not sure why he mentioned that?

They have more than doubled in size this year. Was he talking about subs or staff?

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! :ride_on: :poultry_leg: :pie:

at the end he mentioned it would be cool to have live bands or live music. couldn’t tell if he was being serious or just riffing on fortnight.

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Yes, or a DJ, that would be fun!

I suggested a virtual Gareth Emery Laserface on Zwift… would be cool riding in a big virtual laser show :grinning:
Of course it would suck if you’re into 80´s Rock or something else… :grin:


I did actually meet a rider with his country set to North Korea some weeks ago. My first thoughts was “wonder what IP address he’s coming from ?” :thinking::slightly_smiling_face: