A drinking problem

(Nick Maughan CLS) #1

My avatar has a drinking problem. He’s always reaching for the bottle. During hard climbing efforts, starting a sprint, steady tempo rides, when we’re on our own, if we’re in a group…he just doesn’t know when to stop. 

Today was a low point, he had 5 drinks in 30 seconds. It was binge drinking. His behaviour is getting out of control.

I’ve been unable to discover what triggers his drinking, the only explanation I’ve found is that it’s “random”.

Well I’d like it to stop. I need it to stop. It’s affecting our relationship. I put in a lot of effort during our time together, but he just wants to drink.

Please help.

(GARNIER Stephane) #2

What I do not understand is how does he fill the bottle ?

(Spin Diesel (B)) #3

I noticed that today too … and was going to post the same. I was riding with one of my buddies and his avatar was at it too. Perhaps someone put too much salt in the bidons causing the riders to be perpetually thirsty :slight_smile:

(Neville Jeans) #4

I have also seen this - it seems to be when I am going slow (low wattage)

I think the worst I have seen is 3 drinks in about 10-15 seconds - most unrealistic

Need some logic along the lines of no more than 1 drink a minute and no more than 3 in 10 minutes

In addition it appears that whenever I drink my cadence switches to something like 90 even though i am peddling at 60-70 - there is a definite switch in cadence for the duration of the drinking activity

(David Griscom YCW) #5

Nick, you need to get your avatar into a 12-step program ASAP

(Nick Maughan CLS) #6

So last night the drinking reached crazy levels.

I was racing at tempo / threshold for an entire ride, yet he still kept sitting up and reaching for the bottle constantly, often 5 or 6 times in a minute.

He clearly has no respect for my efforts, he just needs that bottle so much. At one point we’re in a group, doing 40mph downhill into a tight corner and he sits up to grab his bottle. It’s the behaviour of a mad man!

Do people who work at Zwift read these forums ? Can they let me know why my avatar is hitting the bottle so hard ? Is there a rehab facility available for problem drinkers ? 

(Neville Jeans) #7

But on today’s hour easy ride - not one drink for my avatar…