A course with more ascent but less descent

(Sadao Ikebe) #1

Isn’t it great if we have a circuit with more ascent (for example 500m up) and less descent (50m down)?
It’s impossible in real world but it’s possible in virtual world.
I wanted to do my workout on ascent because it’s quieter. Given same wattage, my trainer produces more noise when it operates at high speed with low resistance, than low speed high resistance.
Apart from the trainer noise, I just want to climb continuously without descent. I think this kind of demand is not just for me.
Riding into a warp gate could be great! Also It must be great if I can ride on “seamless” Escher-style trompe l’oeil infinitely ascending course. Can’t wait!

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #2

What goes up must go down though, right?

(Sadao Ikebe) #3

Greg, yes, it is, in the real world. But it’s not the case in the virtual world, is it?

(Stewart G teamWBR) #4

Don’t for get the fatboys like me like a bit of downhill too:)

(Warren MacroPhotoFly) #5

If you have a powered trainer (Kickr, etc) please vote for my request for Adjustable Power curve ( https://support.zwift.com/hc/communities/public/questions/201928939-Adjustable-Power-slope-for-Powered-Trainers-lower-noise-levels-from-the-trainer- ). It would allow you to slow the pedalling speed for the same resistance - hence quieter trainer.
The other approach to your request is asking for a typical mountain stage which finishes at the top. It would need to be long enough to provide a ride of upto 2hrs and would be improved by occasional flat sections for rests, plus an ability to start at any point on the course (want a 1hr ride it allows you to put yourself half way up to start, etc)

(Sadao Ikebe) #6

Warren, thank you for the info. Voted. It’s a great idea to make it quieter.
And yes, it’s awesome if we have a course with continuously changing landscape, coffee shop at sea level, pine forest at low altitude, rocky part of mountain above forest limit…
But I’m also sure that there are lots of crazy people who ride more than 160kms at once, so 10km or 20km course is not enough. I think we still need some “loop”.

Stewart, heavier people have advantage on flat roads as well. I think descent in zwift benefits too much on heavier guys because it’s safe.
We might turn the acute corner after the KOM gate at near 40MPH because there’s no need of brake.
My FTP is less than 4W/kg because of lack of training in winter. But I still have 320+W FTP. I weigh 83kgs (183lbs).
There’s no need of descent to take advantage on lighter guys.

In Japan 83kgs is too overweight but I don’t know average diet in other countries :slight_smile: Am I a lighter guy?