A Big Mountain Climb on Zwift

(Rene Mrazek) #1

How about having more and longer climbs on Zwift? Would be cool stuff to include some TdF climbs and a good training…

(... david (aka "setuid")) #2

The Mountain Route is coming… just not completed yet. Huge, long climbs are expected.


(Rene Mrazek) #3

Hi David,


Thanks for the information and picture. didn’t see the construction on the road… so looking forward for some nice climbs…




(Dirk Jan Los [KRT]) #4

Hi Zwift,

Can you reveal anything about a (global) planning. Is there any other place you can inform us on the planning of feature requests? I understand you don’t want to mention specific dates, but maybe you can inform us a little bit on global sprint planning and priorities on your backlog in a way you don’t have to guarantee specific dates. I think it will be appreciated by the community.

Dirk Jan Los

(Mark Hewitt) #5

There’s two major projects at the moment. One is the mountain route, the other is the group riding module. 

(Dirk Jan Los [KRT]) #6

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your response. The right prios if you ask me :). Any little details if I may ask (like length, height climb…)?

Dirk Jan Los