$99.99 GPS, ANT+, 720p bike computer/phone!

(Steve Paltzer) #1

I like my JouleGPS bike computer a lot, but I have been looking into ANT+ enable phones for over two years now, and I finally ordered the Samsung Avant. When it arrives, I will look into finding a cell phone provider and do a follow-up, but initially it will be just a bike computer(once I install Strava or any of the other free Apps). This phone will also come in handy for the Zwift companion App when it is released for android.

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(Steve Paltzer) #2

Not sure on the battery life, but if GPS is less intensive than playing a video, then I hope to get 7 hours out of it. I might need to charge it daily or every other night. Some Apps will automatically upload a work if a Internet connection is available, so this will stream line my current process.

(Steve Paltzer) #3

Looks like the sale is over, and it all the way back up to $199.99!

(Steve Paltzer) #4

I am testing the battery life right now! So far I it is consuming a little under 10% every 30 minutes, so I should get over 5 hours of continuous use. The screen is light up, WiFi and GPS are running, and I have a PowerCal paired so it is picking up heart rate, and power via ANT+. I am using the SelfLoops app for this test.


SelfLoops App