95% of 20 min

Hi All
Quick question in regards to the 3 x 95% of 20 min ( which decide Cat )in the profile section of zwiftpower .
How often should these get refreshed .
Mine has altered at least three times in 3 weeks .
I am coming back from illness so had a couple of weeks of easy riding and noticed it changing weekly .
Thank you

The three 95% of 20min that are used to calculate your Minimum Category in ZwiftPower are refreshed once every 24 hours and after every event you complete. Often times you won’t see any changes in these refreshes because it’s looking for your top 3 so the majority of these refreshes won’t result in a change. If you’re recovering from an illness that took you off the bike for a while you will likely see much more frequent changes as you build your strength and get back to your previous fitness level.

Just to add to Lucas’ point, these are taken over a rolling 90 day period.

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Thank you for clarifying that

Thank you