90 days usage or 90 days calendar?

It seems that my KICKR Snap was incorrectly calibrated when I first set it up, and reporting way too high power numbers. (I didn’t tweak because I had no idea what range I was in.) Now, a few spin downs later, I find myself in a category that’s way too high for me, and I understand I’m stuck in it for 90 days - unless I suck so bad I actually kick myself down, I guess.

So my question is: does the 90 day period refer to 90 days of using Zwift, or 90 calendar days? If I stop my subscription for 3 months, then come back, will my fake numbers still be there to haunt me?

90 calendar days but send email to Zwift and explain issue, they may remove the affected results.
That may or may not shift you to a lower cat.


It’s 90 calendar days.

But do write to zwiftpower@zwift.com and ask them to reset your numbers from the date when you had the problem with your trainer. They can fix it now.

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