9% grade pedal stroke skips badly

Does anyone have this problem. on stage 7 when the grade is over 9%, the pedal strokes skip badly. like there is no resistance from the top of the stroke to the bottom. my rpm goes all the way to 2. i have a cyclops smart trainer. it only started do this in the past month. thanks

Can it be that your wheel is slipping on the roller?

why would the wheel be slipping? i put air in the tire. and the tire is only about 2 months old. i am going to take to pressure off the tire, put air in it, tighten it back up and see if that works. thanks for the response.

Do you use an indoor trainer tire?

Make sure that you tighten the trainer to the recommended torque. If your trainer can do a Spindown celebration I would suggest doing that when the tire is warm (after about 10 min of riding)

thank you. i am going to try again today…jude

zwift is telling me to upgrade the firmware? i youtube it. but now the bluetooth is causing me an issue…sometimes i live in a god forsaken ■■■■ hole.

You should be able to update the firmware by following the directions given by CycleOps. You didn’t say what trainer you have, but here is a link that covers a couple of their smart trainers. If neither of these work, feel free to look around for the one you need. https://www.cycleops.com/support/firmware/powertap-mobile

seth…thanks i have cycleOps. i will give it a try tomorrow. thanks jude