70.3 & 140.6 Training Plans

(Bret Butler SLTC) #1

I would like to have training plans for the 70.3 & 140.6 triathlons. You have it for Olympic and I really need it for these other distances like they have in Trainerroad. I need this feature or I will be forced to go back to Trainerroad.

(Jordan Rapp) #2


When’s your first race?

Ride On,


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(Bret Butler SLTC) #3

It’s April 7th, so I will need to start training in January at the latest.

(Jordan Rapp) #4


Oceanside… I’ll see you there. And I think you’ll be happy.

Unrelated, is your SLTC = Salt Lake Triathlon Club? I figure it probably is, but it could be Salt Lake, St Louis, etc.


(Bret Butler SLTC) #5

Yes, there will be a ton of there from the Salt Lake Triathlon Club. Are you saying that Zwift is launching a 70.3 and 140.6 training plans?

(Jordan Rapp) #6

I asked about SLTC because we just started hosting bi-weekly SLTC group workouts run by the Duckworths.

As far as the other question, I was hired largely to help address structured training needs within Zwift. And that certainly includes long course triathlon. I do have a bit of background in that regard…

(Bret Butler SLTC) #7

Awesome! I’ve done a few workouts with Rory Duckworth and I must say they are pretty intense rides. Looking forward to having the long course triathlon as an option.  It a huge deal for a lot of folks who are training and don’t have a coach.

(Dan Burges) #8

This gets my vote - got a 70.3 in June so plan to spend a lot of the winter on the Turbo and Zwift - a 70.3 training plan would really help!

(Jos Dyer) #9

I’m also looking for a 70.3 training plan as I’m racing my first one in June. I don’t have a coach and I would love it if there were 70.3 specific plans on here.

(Jeff Yoder (PCSM)) #10

I’d be interested in seeing what Zwift (Jordan) puts up vs. what I’m planning for (Muncie 70.3 and Lousiville 140.6).

(Graham Woolcock MBE) #11

I also need a 70.3 Zwift Training Programme. Im Doing Staffordshire (UK) 70.3 in June. all help greatly appriciated.

(Mollie O'Connor) #12

+1 doing cairns 70.3 in June!

(Michael Brown) #13

Definitely would like to see 70.3 and 140.6 training plans.  STG 70.3 in May.

(David Guin) #14

Here here. Another vote for at least 70.3 plans. It would make it a lot easier to stomach the recent price increase.

(Marco Hardiman) #15

+1 for 70.3 and

+1 for 140.6 training plans

(Roy Byres) #16

Fantastic idea. Count me in for a 70.3 training plan. I’m a complete novice at cycling. Owned a bike for 6 months and a turbo for 3 weeks. Got my first ever triathlon in June and it will be a 70.3. I have no idea what kind of training I need to be doing.

(Paul Allen) #17


I would not suggest your first tri being a 70.3, it should be a Sprint or at the most an Olympic distance. How is your swimming, that is were most struggle.

This could help you get started with training: http://triathlon.competitor.com/2010/09/training/super-simple-ironman-70-3-triathlon-training-plan_12364

(Graham Woolcock MBE) #18

Paul, my first Tri was a 70.3 Ironman event, so it is possible. I borrowed a Wetsuit the day before and my first open water swim was the actual event. I loved every bit of it.

(Roy Byres) #19

Hi Paul, That’s much appreciated. Thank you so much for sending me that link. I have a very strong swimming background so that won’t be a problem for me. I also completed the London marathon last year and have tried to keep some running in my weekly exercise regime. It is the cycling I have least experience with. I will try to sign up for some shorter tris, just to get used to how it all works, between now and June. Thanks again. I’ll have a good look at that link

(Paul Allen) #20


Good to here that you are not starting from scratch. Most how start doing tri’s and decide that they need to do a 70.3 first tend to have a poor swimming background and fail miserably. 

Make sure you do a lot of brick workouts to get use to running on after riding.

Biking being your weakest part is a problem I wish I had.