7 day trial

(Robert Seddon CCC) #1


just praise really. The 7 day trial is a great idea. I’ve just shredded myself doing 28 miles, tried loading it to strava and I’ve lost 23 miles somewhere - no indication there was a problem during the ride but things like this really piss me off.

thanks to the 7 day trial, which is great so people like me can have a go for free, see it doesn’t work properly, decide it’s not for me and it hasn’t cost me anything so my disappointment is minimal. I can now revert back to turbo/garmin and music  where I can zone out and be pretty sure connection problems won’t be an issue.



(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

This was mor than likely caused by your internet connect or WiFi connection dropping. 

You can upload the ride manually to Strava by going to /documents/Zwift/activates and in there you will find the .fit file.

(John Binns) #3

That’s one go and it’s unlikely to be Zwift. Although it’s not for everyone, and you have got find what works best for you, I would recommend signing up for a month and trying it out over a longer period of time. You could always cancel after the month if it is not for you.  For me at least it certainly a better option to keep me on the trainer much longer than I would without it. 

(Stuart Middlecoate) #4

Stick with it Rob, I agree it’s likely to be an issue with something your end, particularly on a new setup.  

(Andy Waite) #5
  • I have to agree with Rob. I signed up for the free trial, and find it really poor. The graphics are terrible, and the info I could access on screen was nothing like my Tacx turbo. The routes were awful, and I couldn’t access any apart from one. When trying to get another, it wouldntlet me, and I had to exit and log in again. A waste of a good turbo session. Won’t be back


(Sandra Biddle) #6

I joined as a newbie last week and did 4 small training sessions just to see how it works… still fathoming things out but since I utilized the free session none of my rides are saving ? do I need to now subscribe ? do rides not save unless subscribed ?


(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #7


What do you mean by saving?

I am seeing 4 rides for the following distance/time

4.9 mile     0:34 minutes

5.6 miles   0:31 minutes

3.4 miles   0:15 minutes

1.8 miles   0:12 minutes

(Sandra Biddle) #8

Hi Paul,


thanks for your response, I have done 8 rides I think altogether, just done a 50 min ride today and its not been saved, the app is asking me to start workout and end ride and then prompts me to save but nothing saves ?

also, my avatar throughout the last 4 rides that haven’t saved isnt moving either ?



(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #9

If your avatar is not moving then you have different issues. 

Are you using a smart trainer, power meter or speed sensor?

PC, Mac, iOS device or AppleTV?

ANT+ or Bluetooth?

A run down of your setup would be helpful.

You need to ride a certain distance in-order for the rides to save, I can’t remember the distance but I think it’s around 2 miles.

(Sandra Biddle) #10

I am using a smart trainer connected to my ipad via Bluetooth and rides have been more than 2 miles

I have just switched  off and on again and done a short ride less than 2 miles just to check it, that has now saved as you can see but didnt update to strava 



(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #11

You might have to disconnect Strava and reconnect it. 

You can download your .fit files here https://my.zwift.com/index.jsp and manually upload them to Strava or you can email them to yourself https://zwiftinsider.com/secret-feature-how-to-access-your-list-of-ride-fit-files-in-zwift-for-ios/ you also can access the .fit files using iTunes File Sharing