7 day ban overrunning

Its been over 7 days since a rider got given a 7 day ban and put into ghost ride mode. Basically just being allowed to ride on zwift but not allow to chat and will not appear in any results. This was a 7 day ban which has been served.
The rider has tried time and time again to contact Zwift since the ban to discuss it with no success.
With a few days to go until the playoffs its pretty poor of zwift to leave the rider hanging. The original complaint was withdrawn against the said rider anyway. But they still served the ban!? It’s been over the 7 days now and still nothing has been done. Does anyone have any idea how to get this lifted or how to get in touch as the lines of contact being used seem pretty useless :person_shrugging:. @shuji @James_Zwift

Drop me a message with his Zwift ID and I’ll pick it up on Monday.

Thanks James. Appreciated. Charlie got in touch and is sorting it. Terry