7.6K feet to commemorate 1776!

So I was planning on doing the Road to Sky Route tomorrow repeating that route until I get 7,600 feet of elevation gain and was wondering if anyone wanted to join me. I plan on starting at about 8:00 AM MDT. Since Road to Sky is a point to point I wasn’t going to set up a event but rather those who want to ride would just join with me at that time and we’d start riding (due to the point to point, it won’t have us do the complete out and back but rather instead of riding out of the jungle it has me ride another jungle loop so that why it’ll just be manual… trust me, I’ve done it before) so one option is for all of us to wear the same jerseys and everyone just follows each other or I’ll wear a specific jersey and you just follow me. Please RSVP as soon as possible if you want to ride with me.

Note-This is the jersey I’ll be wearing in case you are wondering who to look for as well as route for reference:

Here are the photos from the challenge that my son and I did! I rode outside while he rode on Zwift on the Road to Sky route! It was an awesome challenge and way to celebrate!! I finished in 5:49:41 with the ride being 85.57 miles and he finished in 4:37:42 completing 45.42 miles!!!
May you all who celebrate have a wonderful 4th of July!