66 year olds

Hi, I’m interested to know what the average FTP would be for 66 year olds…I’m at 190 with a weight of 90 kg, lost 6 since January.

Hi Mark, you should do a FTP test, there is no average.
FYI - I am 61, 187cm, 91kg and FTP 260.
I believe to be in a good shape currently.

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I don’t know but I’m 95 years old, 4’-6" tall, weigh 750lbs and make 1 trillion watts.

Any less then that and you’re a failure.

I’m 55, weigh 75 kg and FTP is about 220.

There’s no such thing as an average ftp for a given age. It’s a very individual and dynamic number. Do an ftp test to determine, paying attention to your watts/kg at ftp.

When I hit 66 I am just gonna ride and enjoy it. Forget the numbers and have a good time! Ride On!

Mark, welcome to the forums.
There are a lot of different spectra for “average FTP”.
If you look on the innerwebs there are charts that will show averages for, beginner, fit, athlete, D,C,B,A and pro racers. Here is one example https://www.cyclinganalytics.com/blog/2018/06/how-does-your-cycling-power-output-compare
Personally, I am 58 and I do not do well at FTP tests. My FTP stands somewhere between 225 and 235 (trainingpeaks and zwift will give you a value for FTP based on ride performance).
My advice is don’t worry too much about the absolute value, instead consider challenging yourself on different routes or different workouts on Zwift.
Ride on.

If you don’t do that now, then you won’t do it then. Yeah, there are some people you can’t beat but your gonna try to beat the next guy, if he is 20 years younger, that’s icing. Then a 70 year old blows by you. It’s an addiction.