6 Week beginner FTP Workout missing

(Dexter Chatterton) #1

hey Guys,

I completed the Strength part of my workout today and the end of the work out I saved it to Strava using the companion app which worked well and it also saved it to my Garmin Connect, However when i look at my workout in Zwift it doesn’t show that i’ve completed the Strength part of the workout.

Is it lost?. and will i need to do it again.



(David K) #2

I’m sorry about that, Dex. Our last update kinda messed with the way workouts are labeled. Our developers are aware and we should have a fix out within the next two weeks, but until then, many of the workouts won’t label correctly when uploaded to your Activities Dashboard.

I do see your 6wk Beginner FTP builder 6/6/2018 workout with a duration of 1 hour and 15 minutes with a distance of 18 miles or 29 kilometers. When you’re done with your workout, on the same screen where you’re asked if you’d like to save or discard your results, you should be able to tap the activity name and add a custom label to it. If you’d like to do that just until we can get this issue sorted, it would help you better track your workouts through your Zwift Dashboard.

If we’re not talking about the same Activity and the one you’re speaking of is completely missing from your activities, I’d like to know. I don’t want to give your hopes up, though - we won’t be able to reincorporate the activity back into Zwift or modify your experience, but we’d still like the opportunity to research the issue a bit to ensure that it doesn’t continue affecting your rides.

(Dexter Chatterton) #3

hi David,

Thanks for that, i did however edit the name of my workout and saved it as the 6wk Beginner FTP builder and Zwift did record my activity, But when i go back into the workout screen it didn’t have a completed date for the Strength workout.

I’ve got the next workout to do I will report back if it does the same. thanks :slight_smile:



(David K) #4

That’s a part of the bug I was talking about. Most of the day distinctions disappeared from the Workouts screen making the workouts list out of order. If you’re finding your activities aren’t uploading properly, please keep in touch, but we should have the workout listing issues fixed within the next week.

(Jamie B) #5

Hi David K, any progress on fixing this bug?  

The workouts on my 6wk beginner ftp builder list still aren’t in order and I can’t see which one to do next…



(David K) #6

I know, and our apologies. The release we were expecting to drop a few days ago is still being tested. I likely won’t hear much about a suspected release date until Monday, but we are working as quickly as we can to get the fix released. It should be really soon.