5min/1min/2s benchmark and workout adjusment

Zwift only uses FTP (95% of 20min test) as a benchmark number. I would also like to have benchmark power numbers for 5min, 1min and 5sec. Here’s why:

All workouts are based on FTP. For example, a VO2max workout may consists of several intervals at 125% FTP. But this is based on the assumption that everyone has a 5 minute Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP) of 125% of their FTP power. Same goes for the workouts focused on 1min Anearobic Capacity (AC) and 5s Neuromuscilar Power (NP).

It’s more efficient to train to your actual 5min/1min/5s numbers to improve these types of efforts, then to train to estimations of them.
For example, my 5min power is relatively low to my 20min power. If I want to improve my 5min power and do workouts that are based on X% of FTP instead of my actual 5min power, I would fatigue to fast and not complete/ineffectively perform the workout.
The other way around is that someone with a relative high 5min power compared to their 20min power (doing that same workout based on X% FTP) would not t push themselves hard enough, so this also results in an ineffective workout.

Therefore, I request

  1. the benchmark numbers of 5min, 1min and 5sec next to the FTP 20min benchmark.
  2. the ability for workouts to automatically adjust to your personal 20min/5min/1min/5sec benchmark according to the nature of the workout

You’re essentially asking what Sufferfest implemented in their platform.
I wonder if this fine-grained workout profiling is patented and hence leaves us out of luck for the next N years.

As a workaround you can adjust the FTP settings before the workout so that you hit powers better suited for the VO2Max improvements.
It surely will skew all other intervals’ power but hopefully not by much and that can be corrected with an intensity offset (it’s between 90% and 110% and can be changed mid-workout).