5k run loop

(Danny Boyd) #1

[BUG]: Running the reverse direction from the start, i selected [ Turn Right ] to Main Road. on the first UI intersection where the Pen is; i ended up turning LEFT into the Pen.
: the right direction is not working here.
At the end of the Pen, i run off the end of road into the grass and looped around back to the pen - albeit outside the road on the edge of the hill. It just then heads you back to the start in the normal start direction.

(Danny Boyd) #2

running off course behing pens

(Vincent W.) #3

Our apologies for that Danny! Which course were you running on?

(Danny Boyd) #4

i was going reverse on the 5km. this happened after the start - i wanted to go to the main road (pressed right) and it went left to the Starting pens - and continued into the scenery

(Vincent W.) #5

Thanks for the details Danny! Investigating on our side; we had ran into this bug before.

Update: This is a recognized bug by our QA team and will be worked on. Thank you again for the heads up @Danny_Boyd!