5k run loop

[BUG]: Running the reverse direction from the start, i selected [ Turn Right ] to Main Road. on the first UI intersection where the Pen is; i ended up turning LEFT into the Pen.
: the right direction is not working here.
At the end of the Pen, i run off the end of road into the grass and looped around back to the pen - albeit outside the road on the edge of the hill. It just then heads you back to the start in the normal start direction.

running off course behing pens

Our apologies for that Danny! Which course were you running on?

i was going reverse on the 5km. this happened after the start - i wanted to go to the main road (pressed right) and it went left to the Starting pens - and continued into the scenery

Thanks for the details Danny! Investigating on our side; we had ran into this bug before.

Update: This is a recognized bug by our QA team and will be worked on. Thank you again for the heads up @Danny_Boyd!