500 error on App Launch today

I’ve been trying to launch the app on windows since about 11:30am, I just get the browser could not display the page 500 error, from the app.

Retried many times, rebooting, all my other connectivity is good on this machine and others, it’s not on my end. status dot zwift dot com shows no issues but I think I beg to differ?

please look into it thanks.

I’ve just had this. Never had the error before, nothing changed, have cleard my IE browsing data and cookies.

Is there a bigger issue?

edit - I checked https://status.zwift.com/

This does say ‘login intermittent’

At about 11:38 this morning was doing pacer ride warming up for Zwift Classic at 11:48, tried to exit to menu. At the save menu nothing worked. Could not save. Back to game, tried switch to event, nothing.

Rebooted, got back into Zwift (barely) and tried to join event, and got dropped into London, not in event pen. With no other people in rider list.

At all times during this, network was live and well here. Was watching Zwift Community Live on youtube the entire time. I have gig fibre and ethernet to the pc.

I can only assume that there was a network issue somewhere between here (Vancouver, BC) and Zwift servers or something else.

From another post.

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Thank you. Just tried that and I got to the change user / let’s go screen, but when I hit lets go it went back to the login screen where I again had to enter my password, then loop started again and I got the 500 error.

Just keep trying you should get in

See this post: