4th Challenge

It’s been a long time since the topic of a 4th challenge has been raised.

How about a 4th challenge? We have two distance challenges and a climbing challenge - so how about a challenge based on slices of pizza burned? 300 slices gets you the Tron 2 bike - which has EXACTLY the same characteristics as the current Tron bike but looks different. Maybe a disc rear wheel, maybe a different shape, maybe a mono wheel bike. I’ll leave the design to the Zwift programmers and artists. But it will break up the monotony of the 3 or 4 bikes that dominate races these days. And like all the other challenges, you don’t start earning the bike until you sign up to the challenge so you can’t count the slices of pizza already burned.

They should remove the Challenges in it’s current form. The rewards for Ride Italia and California are obsolete and really not interesting. Leave only the Everest/Tron challenge, but put in in a visible place on the Home screen, not hidden in some mid-game menu.


They could put a 365x ADZ challenge to recreate what was done a few years ago by two Zwift users who rode almost every day on Alpe du Zwift.

Some days they did 2x ADZ other days nothing, but by end of year had 365x ADZ.

All laps were done in real rides (not erg mode).

They were featured in a magazine as well.

The unlock would have to be something special - like a Canyon Ultimate CF Evo SL climbing bike. Something extremely light and somewhat aero.

I like the idea of adding a fourth, difficult-to-achieve challenge. Make it like a Grand Tour with multiple components, distance, climb, routes completed, etc.

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