40km Flat Route for FTP Test

number of people willing to ride this…near zero.
I think one of the competitors has a 57 km climb. If I can find it on Strava, I will post number of completions.
Oh, its whoosh but none of their rides seems to be a Strava segment?

The amount of people who ride only with Robopacers on “Col du Tempus Fugit” suggests otherwise.

Build a flat Kona route and people will use it.

You might not want to use it, but flattest routes are definitely popular.

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A 40km Desert Super Flat :slight_smile:

it is called Fuego Flats…been there for a while now.
Great to see some people pulling 50-100 km.

Are you absolutely sure? I see regularly people doing 100+km on there all the time. That’s why the robopacers on Tempus Fugit are so popular so people get their daily 100km+ really fast.

I don’t have time to go and take screenshots of distances people are doing but it is definitely real.

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never heard of it, are you sure :wink:

There is always someone pulling a 100km or more out on Tempus, seen quite a few 1,000km too

Even just today there were people in the Constance group at 100km. Even I did more than 70km today and 60km yesterday with Constance group on Sugar Cookie course. Most of the Constance group was staying for 100km+, about 10 riders or so.

That’s the same every day.

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Ok thanks for your feedback. I am corrected.
It’s good then, as that is what the course is for.