40k Holiday Time Trial Challenge Throw Down

I’ll do a test run tomorrow morning at around 10:30 (GMT +01:00). That’s in exactly 12 hours and 23 minutes for all you american blokes. Feel free to join…

@John, that’s an interesting idea - if people wnt to put a prediction down for there time, then people could informally organise to ride/race against people of similar speeds - a self-seeding principle. Also would help for people who have a target time of 1h, 1h 05, 1h 10 , 1h 15h 3tc to go with pacers - kind of like the big marathons. Probably difficult to organise with a smaller group of people, but as Zwift grows you’d expect it to be much easier to get a wave of say 5 or 10 riders targetting the same time. I’m hoping to get around 1h 10, below that would be very happy days for me.

Count me in, this will at least give us a goal to aim at.
Will also be well up for the hour challenge too…

I did mine tonight (just finished) as I’ll be traveling all next week. I’m not going to post my numbers but suffice to say that merely making it was an accomplishment in-and-of itself :wink:

I would suggest that any of you wanting company on your 40k to post a separate thread stating your estimated pace with a date and time. Trying to coordinate a time that makes everyone happy is madness.

If you post it they will come…

Maybe instead of 40k time trial we’ll drop the time trial part and just make it the Zwift 40k challenge.


Good man Eric! Much Respect!

Seeing as this might rack up a good number of testing miles for Zwift, perhaps someone with pull in the government of Zwiftland could arrange for everyone who completes the 40k to have a bonus Santa hat option for a couple of weeks… Think it would be a hat that would command respect on the circuit. Would have to have a low CD though…

Quick Q - have you seen any amendment to distance when importing fit files to Strava? I sometimes get a small discrepancy between km on my garmin head unit and strava once it’s imported, sometimes it can be 100m/200m over a 40km distance. Might be safest to do a 40.5 and then crop the ride in Strava?

@Tony - Are you uploading your data from your Garmin to Strava or from the Zwift directory on your laptop/pc to Strava?

This game is addicting as I did my 4th 40k ride in a row yesterday with Tuesday’s ride being my back-up time trial effort since I won’t have access to my trainer for most of the holidays. My legs are kinda dead and quickly start shutting down on anything but easy effort but somehow I can still sprint if I warm-up for an hour.

@Walter - I’m just using the fit file produced when I save the activity at the end. I just use the power off the Kickr as I dont have a power meter on my bike (gasp!) so it’s the easiest way to get the data, and if the elevation export to Strava is rolled out I’ll get that data for free too. Garmin would be the way to go if you didn’t want to export elevation data I’d guess.

Totally get what you mean about the dead legs - most of my recreational cycling is at conversational pace, and none of my buddies would be so rude as to start a sprint. And now suddenly I get the urge to sprint 3 times a lap - WTF? I blame the game.

I did see a blog item about a guy who didn’t secure his skewer very well on his Kickr and he bounced across the room mid Sprint (they need to be tight) I guess we look out for the first Zwiftland broken collarbone. Cool thing is that if you were Jens Voigt you could just get back on and keep riding! Have a great holiday…

Without the software having accurate weights there isn’t any reliable way of comparing peoples times unless everybody actually weighs 75KG.

I’m in the process of creating a 40k Strava segment that will hopefully give us accurate results!

This 40k segment should start to populate…


Nice! I’m in…something new to get me motivated for the new year.

Thanks Greg! Appreciate the extra motivation! Mid pack as expected. :wink:

Mike McCarthy posted an EVIL time today…