404 Error on Zwift Dashboard

(Craig Hoskin) #1



The Zwift website dashboard is giving a 404 error at the moment.


Just an FYI.

(Scott) #2

Hi Craig - should be good to go again. Thanks.

(Phil Scriven) #3

I am getting the 404 Error now and I can not open Zwift. Why is this and when will it be sorted? Zwift worked fine a few days ago for me. 

(Tony Goodnight + EnduranceCycling) #4

I can log into support

but not into the main login

504 Gateway Time-out


, nor can I log into the game
says: Failed login

(Phil Scriven) #5

I am having the same problem Tony. I’m am glad I am not paying for Zwift with problems like this still happening. I’m not happy at all about this :-((

(Tony Goodnight + EnduranceCycling) #6

when trying to log into from the Zwift home page I’m also getting a

502 Bad Gateway


(Paul McCombes) #7

Guys - you really need a status page (and some monitoring to automatically detect when the services go down). I’ve been trying to download the app, install, and log in for a couple of hours now and there are random failures that are difficult to diagnose from this end without knowing the status at your end.


ps the download was due to rebuilding the machine I use and not anything wrong at the zwift end.

(Phil Scriven) #8

I have just emailed Zwift about the problem and had an automatic email reply come back saying…


I will have a human reply when they look at my email but I guess we just have to sit tight & wait. Looks like no training this evening for me. I would be wanting a refund on my subscription if I was paying for Zwift, I hope these problems get ironed out before they roll out the monthly subscription :-((

(Phil Scriven) #9

Human email reply, wow fast work Zwitf. 

Hi Phil,

So sorry about the issues you experiencing with the launcher. Zwift is currently undergoing some maintenance but should be back up and running at full as quickly as possible! We thank you for your patience.