400W 5.1 kg forever? credible?

Today on jungle/adz I saw a rider who had been riding for 2 hours 40 minutes hold a rock steady 5.1 w/kg 400W never varying by so much as a single 1W. I repeat not one single watt, exactly 400W all the time.

I’d be interested to know what sort of setup produces credible numbers like this.

Ant bot simulator, it is pretty easy to do. Some people use them to test equipment, for example zwiftinsider fastest bike and wheel tests, or Chris Prichard fastest bike tests (but they disconnect from the internet during tests so you dont see them). This person you saw was most likely just gaining xp and drops because cheaters gunna cheat.


Did you flag them? Did you record their name?

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This. Some very fit people may be ale to do 400W for an hour but 2h 40minutes… I don’t think so. But the dead give away is the exact steady nature of output. Only one way for that to happen… bot.

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Not the only way, a very bad setup that has a 400w limit could also be the cause. the 400w tells me it is a bad setup not a bot. A bot can be any power level. so I doubt they will pick 400w


Isn’t the max for people with just a speed/power sensor 400W? So it’s plausible they were just sprinting away on their biggest crank and smallest cog with the least resistance possible.

only for unsupported trainers I believe

yeah exactly. Or something like a rollers setup or magnetic trainer that isn’t smart. Back in the day I had a similar setup on a different app. The wattage is estimated based on speed and rider weight. Shane Miller has a good video on it: Zwift on Basic Rollers (with a Speed and Cadence Sensor) - YouTube

Or spinning bike with a speed sensor. LOL


really? you’d keep going for 2 hours 40 minutes on a setup that was clearly that bad?

I’d say a bot is far more likely.

did you catch their name? check their other rides