400km Elevation Gain, Reach Space Station, Unlock Space Suit & Helmet

I sure miss chasing after the Z Concept bike; the pursuit of unlocking the bike inspired me to do as much vertical as I could; I notice that since it’s been unlocked, I don’t do the mountain route nearly as often (though I still love it) and instead of focusing on solo rides, I join group races (nothing wrong with that, just what I do to make Zwift interesting).

I know I would certainly focus on vertical gain (and do more solo riding) if the climbing unlocks were extended, so my idea for the next unlock is reaching 400,000m gained, the orbit height of the International Space Station; this would fit seamlessly with the existing graphic design that unlocks Z Concept, as it would simply continue ascending through space until docking.

I imagine the unlock “space kit” being some kind of space helmet and snazzy suit, similar to what Daft Punk wear (ie. http://pitchfork.com/features/cover-story/reader/daft-punk/images/pq1v2.jpg) – yes, black glittering suit, shiny gold gloves – if I’ve ascended 400,000m, I want to be seen looking good.

The “space kit” paired with the Z Concept bike would look amazing; there was a time when the Z Concept was so rare we’d literally go “Wow! The Concept bike!!” as it flew across the screen, knowing that rider had put in some serious time, I think this would bring back that same excitement and motivation.

Ride on!

I like the idea of that though I’m no where near getting my Z Concept… Like yourself I tend to ‘solo’ it and go for elevation and was my motivation for unlocking my Trek Emonda, a bike I actually ride in the ‘real world’. You definitely need to keep the excitement and motivation going once the challenges are achieved so the above suggestion gets a thumbs up from me :slight_smile: