4 min power in Erg mode on WattBike Atom

Just finished off the TRI 2020 program tonight & the last session was the 4min power. All went well until it it went into the 4min power part. I was about to give my all when The free ride started & Erg turned off bit was not able to change gear so ended up just spinning at 120+ RPM I even tried to up the % to 110% to
See if that worked… in the end only managed about 160w !!! But as soon as the cool down kicked in & ERG was turned back on it was fine… a little disappointed as wanted to give my all. At least I completed all the other sessions.

Don’t know if the wattbike is the same but with my trainer I can use the ± keys on the kb to change resistance in free ride workout blocks. You can also use the companion incline button or the onscreen menu up arrow.