4-5 second delay on Bkool Pro?

I’ve been trying Zwift a few times, but I struggle with delay between input(pedaling) and response (speed, watt and cadence) and delay between slope changes and resistance in the trainer. 

This makes it difficult to draft, difficult to change gears at the correct time and generally lo-fi cycling experience. 

As an example, if I stand still, and start to pedal, it takes 4-5 seconds before my “guy” gets on the bike. 

I don’t know if this is delays in the bkool trainer, delay in the simulation or a combination. Either way, wouldnt’t it be possible to do state estimation (like a Kalman filter) and make up any estimation errors over a period of time?

Hi Stian,

We have not experienced any significant delays with Zwift and the Bkool trainers in house. We’ll take a look again. In the meantime, can any other Bkool users chime in?

I’m not riding a Bkool trainer, but I also experience what seems like input lag. When I start pedalling significantly faster on my turbo, it seems quite some seconds before my in-game avatar response. Similarly when I stop pedalling, my in-game avatar carries on pedalling for some time.

I haven’t done any quantified checks on what the lag is though. I just assumed it was normal and everyone has it.

(Tacx Vortex Smart).

Same for me (wahoo Kickr). 4-5 Seconds delay 

I’ve got to say that lately I have experienced more of a delay as well. Been Beta testing since March, Lag was similar early on, then it improved, lately it seems to have crept back in. It definitely is a delay of 2 seconds or so for me.

I also experience lag, around a couple of seconds. Using Tacx Bushido Smart…

also have delay, mobile link is responsive but Zwift app has serious delay…

using ant+ tacx cadence+speed sensor bundle

Garmin ant+ paired to my Vortex Smart I am experiencing a 5 second delay on zwift (even tried with a extender cable) nothing helps. Any ideas?

Same for me 4-5 second lag with fast Ethernet connection top spec alpha PC and ant+ extension right into my trainer (vortex smart) I hope it can be improved I have been told that 0.5 seconds is possible which would be great - I would be ok with 2 seconds! I wonder how much is the trainer? I’m told the neo is best so hopefully a firmware update from tacx could speed things up. 

there’s definitely a 2-3 second resistance change delay with the KICKR and Zwift.

i thought there was a fix for this coming?

Yes, I also had delay today - alot!!
Maybe 7-10 Seconds.

Does it have anything to do with the upload speed ?

I doubt it has anything to do with your Internet connection speed.

It’s probably an issue between the KICKR/Trainer and Zwift.

I remember reading somewhere that perhaps a new firmware from Wahoo and an update to Zwift would alleviate this.

Just started on Zwift and set up a Tacx Vortex yesterday and got 2-3 seconds delay on a sprint then the next one was more 5-7 seconds.  Last weekend I didnt receive any lag on my dumb trainer with cad/speed set up.

I am waiting for a USB 3 extn lead so will see if that helps, also wondering if the fan on full blast facing the trainer could be the cause.

Just a note that this delay isn’t specific to trainers.

I use a separate Garmin cadence sensor, and this also exhibits a delay in game. I hadn’t considered this before, but just updating the trainer firmware wouldn’t resolve this.

Is this delay something inherent in Ant+ devices in general?  I’ve no idea.  Maybe the cadence sensor itself takes 3 or 4 seconds to realise I’ve stopped or started pedalling, and that’s the limiting factor for Zwift’s response. 

Big delay on Elite Turbo Muin Smart B+ too.

Did my first ride ever yesterday on BKOOL Pro and experienced delays on 5+ seconds. Very annoying as some of the features like drafting was impossible. Also sprinting to close the gap from an overtaking rider required more effort than need be. 

Happy to see I’m not alone on this. Worried though as this hasn’t been resolved and it really cripples the experience :frowning:

I am having the same delay issues with the bkool pro, a lack of response in speed changes, delays when starting and the same delays when finishing (can still be riding in game when bkool pro has stopped)

Does anybody have a fix for this? PC is new and meets high requirements of zwift. Really spoiling the experience at the moment

I tried lowering the resolution, because my Asus Zenbook was sucking a bit at 1080p - Also bought an extension cable to be able to place the ANT+ sensor right next to the bkool… Didn’t help.

I love the Bkool but at the moment not been able to ERG mode in workouts, the 4-5 second delay on gradients and the inability to draft seems to remove the Smart from this trainer whilst on Zwift.  I am testing tonight to see if pairing cadence with the Bkool rather than Garmin makes any difference, last time I was getting really daft readings from the trainer but the delay was reduced if not eradicated.   

I have a TACX Neo and always experience a uniform delay of just over 1 second.

The place I noticed it orginially was over the bumpy section just after the climb half way around Watopia.  As you roll over it at speed the uphill turns into a down and only as I reach the bottom of the dip does Zwift kick in the downhill.  So then I go up the short uphil bump feeling it’s downhill and after I reach the top I feel the uphill start.  I have the gears ready for it now.

Since then I’ve noticed it distinctly at other similar places.  An example is the short sharp dip just after the right turn which follows the long downhill half way around Richmond.

Once you know it’s there then you can spot it on any distinct changes of gradient easily.