4.0 w/k goal

I got 2.5w/k initially then started Crit Crusher and did other rides doing 7-10hours weekly. Now my ftp is 215 watts or 3.1 w/kilo. When I race I would hit 3.3 or 3.4w/k average. Now my question is if my goal is 4.0 how many hours should I be dedicating to cycling weekly? Any tips for me? Also my crit crusher is coming to an end also looking for another training program that would raise my ftp. If you have used a training program that worked please drop a comment

I have a full time job at a hospital standing and walking 8hrs a day 6days a week. I do most of my training after work. Is it even possible for a guy like me to hit 4.0 with limited hours daily?

Cycling background- Only started cycling last year August. I was just riding everyday with no structure whatsoever. I got my trainer two months ago and decided I want to be faster on my bike than anyone in my club lol.

When started cycling I was 80kg at 172cm overweight, Nowadays I sit around 67-68kg. I still have a lot of belly fat so Im still working on that.

I recommend any of the Zwift Academy workouts. Some such as ZA 2018 have more workouts in the plan than others:

You can select each workout in Zwift and determine how many you want to do each week based on a target TSS. You can also add in a day of racing or pushing yourself during a group ride. I’d say it’s possible. I hit 3.5w/kg a few months ago and I’m 39 years old with Stage 3 kidney disease which makes it very difficult for me to recover. I’m dropped a bit now since I’m not pushing myself as hard, but I still believe with the right training 4.0/kg or around 260 watts is attainable for me. I’m not too experienced but I’d say if you dedicate 4-7 hours of week of specific workouts rather than unstructured rides or races, you’ll be able to get there. Good luck with reaching your goal. You can also search a variety of workouts on the site I mentioned above that may help you on your way.

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Thank you, James! How long have you been cycling? What was your w/kilo when you started this training program?

you can probably do it with an average of 1hr training per day, but you will need a GOOD training plan with a couple of hard days that really GO HARD (intervals/HIIT etc.) and then proper rest / recovery days in between, with a couple of longer zone 2-3 rides as well :3

@BenJones could you recommend a training program that worked for you?

I’m hard-stuck Cat C so nope :smiley:
…but I have several friends who work full time and ride at that level so it’s definitely doable if you put the effort in. I mostly train for 0-3min anaerobic power, my slow-twitch power is rubbish :smiley:

Hard to get an give accurate training advice over the forums without knowing your specific weaknesses.
I like doing 2 things.
I do the Absa Cape MTB work out for high intensity (and MTB IS COOL) and then I do a zone 2-3 (out of 5) longer ride where I keep my power in the blue zone for 2 hours.
I use the blue zone rides to get route badges or I climb the Alp in a workout but I set the FTP to give me long duration intervals at the desired low ftp.
The ABSA Cape workout is at full power and the FTP is set to the real deal and I really feel it.
The only way to train that thresh hold and anaerobic zones is too get uncomfortable in training.
Don’t do it every day and make sure you go EASY on your easy days.

I haven’t tried the Zwift Academy plans, so those might be good. I’ve worked through Active Offseason, which was good but sounds like too much volume (ended up being about 10 hours a week which really adds up if you’re working full time and also trying to ride outside). Recently started Build Me Up, which is a revelation! It really gets you thinking about cadence vs sustain vs power. It also has you working within different positions on the bike.
All that said, I agree with Tim who said we might not have enough info to give you really good advice. Not sure if your goal is 4w/kg for 20 minutes, an hour or 6 hours.
I also very strongly agree with Tim’s advice about rest. It sounds like you might easily overdo it if you’re in a moderately tiring job, then also trying to train, so make sure you have at least 1 light day a week and one day with no training at all.

The easiest way for you to boost your W/kg is staring you in the mirror. Lose the belly fat, reduce the denominator! (And it’s universally recognized as the worst kind of fat, so win, win, then win!)