32bit installer

(Sean Dawes) #1

Zwift have kindly been working with me on installing the app on my 32bit windows pc. sadly we have not had any luck in getting past the “Whoa 32bit” warning just yet.

Has anybody got this installed on their 32bit pc yet, if so, how ?

(Jon Mayfield) #2

32bit support has been discontinued.  If you plan to use Zwift in the future you must upgrade your operating system to 64bit.    We started this phase-out by removing 32bit support from the installer to not allow any new 32bit installs.

However, Zwift *will* run on 32bit for at least the next week, and if you’d like to check out Zwift even for just a week you can use this installer. http://cdn.zwift.com/app/ZwiftSetup.1.0.6.exe

The game will completely stop working on 32bit OS’s within the next 3 weeks and you’ll then have no options at all other than upgrading your OS if you’d like to run it.

(Rob Toeppner) #3

You may want to specifically call that out here to avoid tears.   (Yes, it says 64-bit, but some users may not be aware that 32-bit platforms are specifically not supported, especially if they used to work.)

(Jon Mayfield) #4

Hi Rob, everybody on 32bit machines has had a large in-game on-screen warning for over a month about this.  Hopefully there are no surprises. 

(Brian Hackathorne) #5

Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.

(Nathan Budd) #6

Would it not make sense to add a link to the download page that says that Zwift is for 64bit machines only? 

Also, in the “check my gear” you could put an * for a 64 bit machine.